Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting Sandy with Sandy

Finally back up and running....from the office, of course.  No power at home yet, but hopefully soon! Since getting evacuated by Sandy, I've had plenty of time to be productive while taking shelter in central PA for a few days. 

  • I've become a member of the Sandy Hookers Tri Club and can't wait to volunteer and participate in some local events in Long Branch! 

    • I'm super excited to see Split Second Racing will be hosting the Woodstock Triathlon Festival in May 2013.  They'll have both half and olympic distances and I would expect the course to be both beautiful and challenging!! Registration opens this month so I would recommend checking it out.
    • The Instead Softcup product will be my life saver for the 2013 race season.  This past year during the Long Branch Half Marathon, I had to worry about jumping into a porta potty 10 min before the race and then had my boyfriend waiting at the finish line to hand me a fresh tampon.  No thank you.  After practicing during my light days last month, this time around I tried it on my "heavier days."  It got me through a full day of work (and I'm a collegiate strength coach so I'm constantly on the move) during which I snuck in a 45 min lift, some interval running, and a short 30 min recovery swim. Clutch.  Very clutch.  Even though I received my product for free, I will definitely be a future customer and the above opinion is 100% mine.  Thank you folks for making my life easier!

    • Registration has opened for Timberman 70.3  Aug 18, 2013  (only $199 until 11/7!) and I will be there.  Seriously, every time I sign up for a race I get that giddy feeling.  This will be my 1st Ironman brand race and I guess you can say there is no better way to celebrate my 27th birthday (4th year straight that I'm celebrating my birthday by treating myself to a race...I swear it's addicting).

    Anyway, enough for now from me. Off to enjoy a run in this cool, crisp weather. To those of you also affected by Sandy, I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

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